segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

esqueci me de postar - 14 de julho

Routine is tricky. There is a moment when you break it and you feel free. And you make memories.
Then there is always the moment when you have to come back and you cry while saying goodbye.
In the way home, you start missing that freedom. You still miss it in the first two weeks.
Then routine comes again entering in your veins and then you star forgetting that you miss what you have!You stop thinking about it. Maybe you'll think about your great time once a week.
Three months passed, I'm glad I sneaked into my folders of photos and went to look at the ones from there... Oh, how I miss that. The freedom. The people. I miss Ben, I miss Sarah, Celia, Randy, Jacob. I miss Vivian and Ian. I miss Andrew and Alicia, and Alex! Oh, and Cathy! I miss our conversations, the way you all live, I think I miss that kind of happiness.We have our kind too, but we're not happy so often. I miss Jamba Juice! Ben's Car and Ben driving! I miss the radio of the van.I don't miss rootbeer yet because I still have some cans and some candys! Thank you Celia! I miss being me, and specially, being that free.Yep, that's all. A bit boring text only to tell you that even with routine making me forget all that, I miss santa clara a lot.
Kisses for all of you guys! Santinho!

P.s 1: pardon me for any spelling errors, some because of my english, some because of the fast typing
P.s.2 : I forgot to say I miss deep fried oreos


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