terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

informal letter

(....) However, I can’t go on without calling your attention for the great importance you must give to KNOWLEDGE. Try to be the best, try to make the difference, try to reach the top, try to get the most of life and of the world (....)

To my dear Mariana,
I could write about you some “thousands” of pages but, of course, I won’t do that. Do you want to know why? Basic and elementary: you wouldn’t read all the text, because you would be too tired and you would start “keeping/cleaning/...” your bag, a notebook or something alike. You are an artist, not a “pipa”, you won’t ever be like anyone else, and I can say, for sure and beyond “reasonable doubt” that you’ll have a happy life and you’ll be admired by those you …unless you change some of your “behaviours”. Aren’t I clear enough??

Your teacher and friend,
Mª Zélia Leonardo
and Machado (by marriage)

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