domingo, 8 de março de 2009

survival kit (08)

  1. pressure not to be late
  2. arrived
  3. jokes had already begun
  4. empty subject
  5. the movie was boring
  6. half of us left the film
  7. we stayed
  8. told you
  9. you made fun of me
  10. you texted your cousin
  11. didn't let me se the text
  12. the movie was still boring
  13. pause
  14. switched sits
  15. hold your hand with fear
  16. my head on your shoulders,my head on yours
  17. the movie was finally starting to be funny
  18. but really really funny
  19. end of the movie
  20. asked you what now
  21. you didn't understand
  22. as we walked down the cinema you went near your cousin
  23. asked me to explain what did I mean with that
  24. I didn't
  25. we went to eat
  26. you recorded your voice on your cell so that I'd explain to you
  27. I didn't
  28. wrote with your chips ' E X P L A I N '
  29. laughed a lot with your friends while you were'nt there
  30. and while you were there
  31. found them really funny
  32. asked to one of your fokes what did he thought I meant
  33. he answered exactly what I wanted
  34. you finally understood
  35. you turned speechless
  36. you continued speechless
  37. I spilled water on your face
  38. but you didn't wake
  39. I put the words on yout mouth
  40. asked you to get out of there
  41. met the stairs of the stadium
  42. as you'd get more speechless I'd start to want to hit you
  43. the apple pie fell down of your hands
  44. you hands were moving like old people ones
  45. discovered that you're cosy
  46. you met my eyes
  47. are they really more beautifull than I think?
  48. my smell passed into your shirt
  49. proved that you're not able to look in the eyes more than five seconds
  50. they found us
  51. akward moment (there's always one)
  52. midnight and good-bye
  53. as I get to the car, the radio is playing :'paixão,paixão,não vais fugir de mim..serás,paixão,até ao fim'

survival kit 2009 : meet your friends and go out in the dark,dance as you'd die the next day,live your life and feel your way

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