sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2007

I want a "happy ever after",a happy ending

It seems you never hold my hand or give a hug,not any hug,a real hug. It seems after all it's not better,i thought so. Are you afraid it might happen again? I swear it isn't going to happen again,I swear. I don't feel the same for you,you're just a friend.wait! not just a friend,you're my bestfriend, and I swear foor godsake that it's just that.We know each other for so long,come on. If I explain you why I'm this way,you would think I'm jealous. Maybe I am,yeah.But you see,seems you like me to make you laugh and have fun,those things friends do.But not for a veracious smile,a veracious word. And when I mean veracious it's literally,not truthfull,veracious(much,much stronger,fellow). Maybe I'm being unfair,there were moments when you wiped my tears,made me laugh when anyone could,when you suported me and listened to my problems. There were times too when you didn't answer,you didn't care,you made me cry,you injured me.Unfair or not,jealous or not,influenced by my mood or not,I feel like you left me in your locker and you aren't going to open it so soon. And this single case explains all I fell,she's just a friend,you know her how long? six months?and now it's all "dear,sweaty,I love you so much my friend"..Did she overtop me?it's what it seems. Words I never heard,things I have never seen, something I haven't felt. I hope it's just a feeling, I hope is not true what I'm saying and I'm just confused.I hope you never forget me, I hope you give me the value I deserve,I hope you understand what you mean to me and I hope I mean the same,or almost the same for you.'Cause there's nothing I can say, nothing I can do to make you see what you mean to me.(you mean a lot,more than that) I hope you open that locker and give me a hug,a real hug.I hope, but I'm not expecting that.

29/Dez/2007 18:32

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